Most of our customers tell us that they chose us because their friends and neighbors recommended us.
Here are the top ten reasons why:

  • We use the best products and procedures to stop termite and pest problems.  We are an independent company, not a national company, so we use methods that work based on our own experiences.  We aren't restricted to just one product or brand to please a corporation's stockholders.  We can utilize the most effective treatment for your needs.

  • We have over 85 years of experience controlling termites and other pests, and we intend to be here to solve any future termite problems.

  • We have reasonable prices - usually far below the national companies, due to our lower overhead.  We don't have several layers of management, and we don't send franchise fees to anyone.

  • We are locally owned by the same family since 1936.  "Uncle Charlie" Partlow started Reliable in 1936 after graduating from Purdue with an entomology degree.  His nephew Jim Hanstra succeeded him, and for the next 40 years the company had been owned and operated by Jim's widow Phyllis and son Bob.  Bob's daughter Andrea, son Tony, and Andrea's husband Philip are now operating the company as the 4th generation.

  • Our technicians that treat your house are fully certified and licensed in termite and pest control by the state of Indiana.  That means that they have been trained and tested on how to use the products safely and effectively, and receive continuous training to maintain their certifications.  Some companies' technicians work under their supervisor's certification and may not have received the same level of training that ours have.

  • Honest evaluation of your pest problem - we won't oversell you or make you sign a long term contract.

  • Low termite warranty renewal rates that remain low. Our competition raises their renewals 10% every year! We inspect every year and will retreat a problem area at no charge if new infestation is found.

  • When you call our office, you are greeted by a real person who knows about pest control.  You won't get an automated answering system or an answering service.

  • We keep our appointments and won't be a "no show".

  • 4.7 star rating on Google; 4.8 rating on Facebook; awarded Small Business of the Month twice by Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce; voted Best Exterminator in Rensselaer multiple times!


A brief history

In 1936, Purdue University's innovative Urban Pest Control program yielded a handful of well educated graduates, one of which was Charles Partlow. Sensing a need for a locally owned pest control company, Charles and his wife Gertrude formed Reliable Exterminating Company, later renamed Reliable Exterminators, Inc. With a humble beginning, the business soon outgrew their home office.

Charles also became involved in the formation of the National Pest Control and the Indiana Pest Control Associations. The business grew, and even during World War II, while Charles was away serving his country as a pilot in Burma, his manager, Harry Cochnower was at home in Lafayette tending to the business. After returning from the war, Charles constructed a new office building at 417 East State Street in West Lafayette, which was only the second building west of the Main Street bridge.

Employing many Purdue graduates over the years, Charles hired Jack Naugle to start up a branch office in Monticello. In 1957, Charles' nephew, Jim Hanstra, became the manager of Reliable, and it was business as usual, with dedication to customers and quality service. In 1971 Charles sold Reliable Exterminators to Jim and Jack. In 1975, Jim's son Bob started working at Reliable.

In 1982, 50 year old Jim Hanstra died of a sudden heart attack. His wife Phyllis and son Bob, now owners of Reliable, had one day to decide whether to sell or keep the company. Relying on faith and help from Dr. Gary Bennett and the Purdue Entomology Department, Reliable resumed operations. They met with the company's accountant and were told to expect a definite decline in business after Jim's passing due to his personal relationships with the customers. At the end of the next year, Bob and Phyllis met with the accountant again. He said, "I can't believe this. The business didn't even suffer a decline, but actually increased!" All thanks to the faithfulness of God!

In 1987, railroad relocation claimed the old office location, and the site for the current office at 1813 Main Street was selected, and the new office was designed by Bob. The construction was finished in July of 1989. After 40 years of service, Phyllis retired and welcomed granddaughter Andrea Patrie as her replacement, the 4th generation of local family ownership at Reliable Exterminators. In honor of the 75th anniversary of being in business, Reliable had its first open house celebration on April 2, 2011 to congratulate Phyllis, meet customers and friends and introduce Andrea.

In 2014, Reliable welcomed Andrea's husband Philip Patrie as General Manager to oversee service operations, technicians, equipment, and supplies.

In 2022, Bob retired and is succeeded by Andrea and Philip, and his son Tony, who joined the business in 2020.

We continue to be a family owned and operated company and treat our employees and customers with respect as we would our own family members.