Our Services We offer many one-time treatments without requiring an on-going contract!

Call us today for an honest evaluation of your pest problem - we won’t oversell you or make you sign a long term contract.

  • We have over 85 years of experience controlling termites and other pests, and we intend to be here to solve any future termite problems.
  • We have reasonable prices - usually far below the national companies, due to our lower overhead.  We don’t have several layers of management, and we don’t send franchise fees to anyone.
  • When you call our office, you are greeted by a real person who knows about pest control.  You won’t get an automated answering system or an answering service.

Our technicians that treat your house are fully certified and licensed in termite and pest control by the state of Indiana.  That means that they have been trained and tested on how to use the products safely and effectively, and receive continuous training to maintain their certifications.

Pest Control Supplies - we sell professional products for the customers who prefer the DIY approach.  Quality products are in stock available today.  

Call us for service

Tell us about your problem! We treat for pests such as bed bugs, termites, ants, fleas, spiders, roaches, rodents, bees and more!

Preventative Service

We can keep your home or business pest free year-round. Find out more!

Our Methodology

We follow the practice of Integrated Pest Management or IPM The rationale behind IPM is that an ounce of common sense is often better than a gallon of toxic chemicals. Rendering the surroundings less hospitable to pests is often the first step in IPM. Clearing out piles of old leaves can sometimes work wonders, as can drying damp areas. Caulking cracks and crevices can cut off paths of entry. A simple grating or screen wire can often put an end to problems with larger pests. Baits, traps, attractants, and insect growth regulators (IGRs) are in many cases the preferred method. When insecticides or other toxins are required, Reliable will always place it precisely and use the lowest possible dosage.

Free Pest Identification

Not sure what pest you have? Send us a picture or bring a specimen to our office for identification. 

Free Pest Control Audit...

What is it and what will it do for you?

We invite you to call us for your free pest control audit! It's a fifteen minute thorough prescription of your home's needs. Here's what we will do:

  • We'll determine whether or not your home is vulnerable to certain types of pests.
  • We'll make recommendations on how to prevent those pests from coming back.
  • We'll point out hazardous areas which will attract pests.
  • We'll write up a prescription for you to keep.
  • We'll educate you about other types of pests and how to avoid future infestations.

Call For Your Free Pest Control Audit!