Different types of roaches require different types of treatment.  Oriental Roaches, commonly called waterbugs, are reddish brown when very young and become darker to black as adults.  They often lay eggs outside in the spring and come into homes from outside, often seen here and there throughout the house, sometimes even on a wall.  We spray along some baseboards, under sinks, in the basement, crawl space, and outside around the foundation.  We can also treat around windows, doors, and overhangs for spiders at the same time.  Our Homecare Programs can prevent Oriental Roaches from coming into the house.

German Roaches can quickly infest a house.  They are narrower than oriental roaches, are lighter brown and have a very distinct light stripe with a dark stripe on either side of it on the head.

We can protect your property from Roaches

We offer many one-time treatments without requiring an on-going contract as well as preventative maintenance programs.