Bed Bugs

Don’t Get Rid of the Bed! Get Rid of the Bugs!

Reliable has an excellent bed bug treatment program!  We’ve developed a successful treatment program for homes, apartments, hospitals, waiting rooms, schools, and offices in our 14 county service area.  We use the industry’s best liquids and dusts to treat and find bed bugs where they are hiding.  We also have monitor traps and mattress encasements available to further extend treatment results.

Bedbugs are carried into a home or apartment usually by someone who has recently traveled, often bringing them in their luggage; or someone may bring bed bugs by visiting and staying overnight. With so much international travel, they have become very prevalent again. They look a little similar to a ladybug, but smaller and flatter. They become larger when engorged with a blood meal. Their fecal matter (dark spots) are visible on bedding.

During the daytime, they retreat to the back side of a bed headboard, under bedside stands, inside chest of drawers, between mattress and box springs, behind trim boards, in wall outlets, etc. At night they come out and get into the bedding and bite the people, leaving red blotches mostly around the mid-section, arms, neck, or face of a person, as opposed to flea bites, which are mostly on the ankles and legs. Our technicians haveto be very thorough, inspecting as they treat, therefore prices range greatly according to size of house or apartment, how widespread the infestation is in the house, and how well the preparations are done.

Infestations are unlikely in schools, waiting rooms, and buses because people are not still long enough for a bed bug to venture out and get a blood meal. However, sleeper trains, airplanes, and theaters have had infestations because people sit still long enough.

It takes a month for a nymph to become an adult. Bringing home one or two bedbugs won’t likely cause an infestation. Bed bugs are not spread by casual contact. One bed bug can’t create an infestation unless it’s a female with eggs and a full stomach. Infestation is defined as a breeding population.

When traveling, it is wise to check bedding, headboards, and bedside furniture closely before unpacking. Keep luggage closed and check it thoroughly before checking out of room. A Well Prepped Home:

Treatment Preparation

Directions for preparing your home for treatment.

Preparacion para el Tratamiento

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We can protect your property from Bed Bugs

We offer many one-time treatments without requiring an on-going contract as well as preventative maintenance programs.