Bed Bug Treatment Prep Directions

Before having Reliable Exterminators treat your property for bed bugs, please have the following items completed to the best of your ability.  The more we work together, the sooner you'll have a bed bug free home!

Proper preparation prior to treatment is just as, if not more, important than the treatment itself. Improperly prepared units are at high risk of bedbug recurrence.

  • 1 Strip all beds – nothing on or under them. Wash all bedding in hot water. Dry in dryers. The heat in the dryer kills the bedbugs and the eggs. You may want to put things that have bed bugs in them in the dryer before you wash them for immediate kill. You may put clean bedding and clothing in plastic garbage bags tightly tied and stacked in the bath tub until after the treatment.
  • 2 Move small items away from baseboards, other than furniture, nothing within 2 feet (toys, boxes, clothes, papers, food, pet food, etc.). You do not have to move furniture but see below.
  • 3 Empty closet floors – whole closet if at all possible. You may put items in plastic garbage bags and stack in the bathtub during the treatment.
  • 4 Remove stored items from all dressers, end tables, night stands, etc. Put clothes in dryer on high heat and put in plastic garbage bags tightly tied and stacked in the bath tub until after the treatment. Anything that can survive the dryer should be dried and sealed in bags. Female bedbugs deposit eggs randomly as they roam. Just because bugs aren’t present doesn’t mean eggs aren’t.
  • 5 Remove all clutter. Bed bugs can hide in ANYTHING, so if you can do without it, get rid of it. The more accessible areas are to get to, the better the treatment.
  • 6 Nothing on, under or behind upholstered furniture.
  • 7 Nothing under or behind any furniture, you can put things on top of the kitchen/dining table, desks, and dressers. Do not stack items on chairs.
  • 8 Remove wall switch and receptacle plates.
  • 9 Cover and turn off aerator on fish tanks.
  • 10 No exposed food.
  • 11 Be prepared to leave the premises during and for 4 hours after treatment.
Male & Female Bed Bugs
Male & Female Bed Bugs


It usually takes 3 trips with 2 weeks between each trip to successfully get rid of all bed bugs. Our process uses a slow acting ingredient that is successful, but due to bed bugs’ small size and excellent hiding ability, and eggs that will hatch over the next two weeks, it takes multiple applications.

Please communicate with us! The customer is responsible for requesting all follow up appointments if they are needed. If the bed bugs are not gone two weeks after treatment, a follow up is needed at an additional charge. Office # 765-423-1225