May Showers Drive Out Ants

April started with sunshine and ended with lots of gray skies and rain. On this May Day we’re getting a lot of calls about ants. Let us tell you a little about these common pests.

Ants live underground year round. In the spring and fall ant swarmers leave the nest to create new colonies. This is typically when ants are noticed indoors as they look for food and water. We prefer to treat for ants on the exterior and interior of a home or business. We do a minimal treatment inside (only what is necessary). Usually we apply tiny dots of ant gel in cracks and crevices inside. The ants swarm around it and take it back to their nest. The transfer of the gel product from ant to ant takes a few days intentionally so that as many ants will be affected by the gel.

Pavement Ants feeding courtesy of NPMA

Ants are also going up to the surface of the soil or along the exterior of the structure so we treat the exterior with ant products as well. This provides very effective control in preventing more ants from getting inside. In fact, our ant treatments come with a 90 day warranty!

If you get ants every year, consider asking about our Ant Preventative treatment program. Early spring and midsummer exterior applications of specialized ant control products will help keep your home free of ant intrusion at a low annual cost. 

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