Sometimes Our Customers Surprise Us!

Sometimes our customers go above and beyond to let us know pleased they are with our services.  Today in the mail we received this glowing letter from John MacOwan who has been a customer since 1972 and had an inspection by Jack Naugle.  Jack was hired by our founder Charlie Partlow to open a new office in Monticello.  After the success of the new office Jack, along with Charlie’s nephew Jim Hanstra, bought the whole business from Charlie in 1971.  Their values have been passed down from generation to generation, employee to employee, and it’s wonderful to hear proof of that from one of our very own customers!

Thank you so much, Mr. MacOwan, for sharing your thoughts with us!

To: Reliable Exterminators

Date: July 25, 2016

I have been doing business with your company since 1972 when we bought our first home in Monticello. Jack Naugle was the Reliable “bug” guy in Monticello. Jack inspected our home and your company treated it [for termites].

Over the years with numerous home inspections, rental house bug treatments and termite work, I have found your company to be honest, reliable, and professional in all of your work.

Last Friday a gentleman, Tom, from Reliable, came to look at our outbuilding which had some issues. I suspected it could be termites. It turns out, it was dry rot.  Tom was very professional, informative, and helpful; and just a good guy!!

Your company name is certainly right on, and your tradition of excellence has stood the test of time.

Thank you, John MacOwan

This lovely quote will be posted on our Testimonial Page so others can read it and leave their own testimonial as well.

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