Celebrating Together

Sometimes its fun to be a “bug” man or lady.  Last week Reliable Exterminators held our annual Christmas party.  We reserved a room at Walt’s Other Pub and were served a delicious dinner with appetizers, drinks, and dessert!  Around Christmastime we always serve a big meal for our employees and summarize the highlights of the past year.  This year Andrea spoke of our history. About half our employees have been here less than 5 years and the other half have been here 10-35 years.  There’s a bit of a gap!

Andrea Patrie


Andrea spoke of our history to remind everyone of our roots.  Andrea’s great uncle Charlie Partlow founded Reliable Exterminators on a simple philosophy: be honest, provide quality service at an affordable price, and stand behind our work.  For over 80 years we have been doing this and we will continue to it for many more.  Andrea spoke of the transition between 2nd generation Jim Hanstra, after he suddenly passed away, to his wife Phyllis Hanstra and her son Bob.  Despite his sudden and unexpected passing, the business didn’t suffer any financial losses the following year.  In 2011 Phyllis retired and 4th generation Andrea took her place.  Now Bob is training his daughter Andrea to run the business and prepare for his future retirement.  Throughout all these transitions, God has blessed us with continued growth!

To thank our employees, we played Bingo!  When each bingo was called, the person could choose a wrapped gift from the gift pile or steal a wrapped gift from someone who previously won a bingo.  We never clear the bingo board so about halfway through the game multiple people are shouting “bingo!” and taking presents from each other!  It’s great fun!  The favorite mystery present was the large box in the picture below.  Everyone wanted it and no one knew what it was!  

In the end everyone took home a present and had an enjoyable evening!

Merry Christmas


happy holidays


Reliable Exterminators!


P.S. The big mystery gift was a shop vac!

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