Bed Bug Summit

Philip Patrie, General Manager

Philip Patrie, General Manager, and Javier Williams, a seasoned service technician, attended this year’s Bed Bug Summit conveniently held at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis this past December.  They were among over 450 attendees that came to hear from leaders in pest management about new control solutions and the latest research in bed bug management.

The National Pest Management Association hosted the event. “NPMA is very excited to once again host this event with the support of BedBug Central,” said NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf, CAE, CMP. “Companies across the country have been working hard to develop bed bug control strategies. This event moves beyond the bed bug basics and focuses on the current climate of bed bug control and what to expect in the near and long term future of this pest.”

Philip and Javier attended several sessions each day of the event. Philip says, “As a society, Bed bugs are here to stay.  The best you can expect is to keep your own residence bed bug free.”  We at Reliable do offer bed bug inspections, and we sell the Sensci Volcano Lure which is an affordable way to monitor any bed bug activity in your residence.

Javier Williams, Service Technician

Javier says, “one of the things I think will help the most is the research being done to make a new bedbug lure using a host bed bug and signals from other bed bugs. I found it interesting that bedbugs are the only insect with an immune system, and that they behave differently in smaller versus larger groups. There are cases where they can trace an infestation throughout a multi unit complex down to one female bedbug!”

“Bed bugs release a pheromone that in small doses causes them to cluster together, and in large amounts scatters them, which is part of why infestations spread once they reach a certain size,” Philip reports as he summarized one of the class sessions.
The bottom line is there is no “one size fits all” bed bug solution, each job requires different tools based on many variables.  Reliable Exterminators has several methods of treatment that have proven to be successful and affordable for our customers.  We offer visual inspections, treatments, and do-it-yourself products so that bed bug control is affordable for everyone.  If you suspect bed bugs in your residence, call for an inspection or stop by the office for a Sensci Volano monitor before it becomes an infestation!