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Wondering how bed bugs enter your home?

Wondering how bed bugs enter your home? Bed bugs are notorious for their hitchhiking abilities. If you’re suddenly experiencing signs of a bed bug infestation in your home for the first time, they likely snuck their way in as a stowaway on a purse, luggage, or clothing. Not sure if your new bites are from bed bugs? Check out this video.
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Secondhand Furniture and Garage Sales

Did you know secondhand furniture may be harboring hungry bed bugs? If you purchase secondhand furniture, be sure to thoroughly inspect the item for any evidence of bed bugs including cast skins, eggs, fecal spotting, or the insects themselves. It's always a good idea to vacuum furniture or wash textiles before bringing them into your home.
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Bed Bugs in Hotels

Lodging facilities like hotels and motels are prime sources for bed bugs, so be on high alert when traveling. When arriving at your vacation destination, don’t forget to look for signs of bed bugs. Check out this list of the telltale signs of bed bugs from @PestWorld: When on vacation we always inspect hotel rooms and cabins for signs of bed bugs before we settle in. We like to inspect behind the headboard and bed...
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Bed Bug Awareness Week

June 4 – 10 is Bed Bug Awareness Week! This week we’ll be share need-to-know information about these hitchhiking pests, including some fun facts and information on how to prevent any bed bug encounters. If you suspect an infestation, give us a call at 765-423-1225 to speak with a licensed pest control professional.
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World Pest Day

June 6 is World Pest Day! Today, Reliable Exterminators is celebrating pest control professionals and the vital role of the pest control industry in protecting public health, homes, property, hospitals, businesses and the nation’s food supply from threats posed by pests. Learn more about this annual observance here:
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Jim and Phyllis Hanstra Inducted into IPMA Hall of Fame

IPMA Hall of Fame 2023 Jim & Phyllis Hanstra IMPA President Scot Wright Sr. presents Philip and Andrea Patrie of Reliable Exterminators with the 2023 IMPA Hall of Fame award in honor of Jim and Phyllis Hanstra In January at the annual Purdue Pest Management Conference, the Indiana Pest Management Association posthoumosly honored Jim and Phyllis Hanstra with the Hall of Fame award. Philip and Andrea accepted the award and Philip...
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There are many steps a homeowner can take to help prevent termites from infesting their property. Most importantly, a homeowner should eliminate or reduce moisture in and around their home, which termites need to thrive. Divert water away from the home’s foundation by installing properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks. Reduce humidity in crawl spaces with proper ventilation. Keep vines, hedges and other vegetation trimmed to prevent contact with the home. Remove old form...

Termite or Ant?

It can be difficult to identify termites as they look similar to flying ants. Check out this identification guide from @PestWorld and be sure to call a pro of you suspect an infestation: #TermiteAwarenessWeek
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Will They Eat It?

We know termites love to eat wood, but will they take a bite out of other household items? Check out @PestWorld’s Will They Eat It? series to see if they have an appetite for money, shoes, fast food and more: #TermiteAwarenessWeek
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International Women’s Day

  With my Grandmother Phyllis as a personal and professional role model, the benefits of having a woman in leadership at a pest control company were already proven at Reliable Exterminators.  I chose to continue her success, and in the last 12 years I've worked to break gender norms in our business.  It's not just men in the field and women in the office anymore!  I work to help our employees find the right fit...
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