Employee Spotlight: Geanie

I’d like to introduce each of our staff members through a series of blog posts.  We have phenomenal people that work for us and I hope to spotlight each one!


Our first employee spotlight is about Geanie.  She has been with us almost 5 years and is the only office staff employee who worked with our matriarch, Phyllis Hanstra, before she retired.  Geanie was hired as a Customer Service Rep in the fall right during the busy “lady bug” season.  Phyllis was part time, Andrea was doing the schedules but about to go on maternity leave, and Bob was getting ready to sub as the main scheduler.  Geanie learned quickly how to answer calls and schedule appointments. She is now our most experienced Customer Service Rep and will probably be the one to answer your call!Geanie is from Clarks Hill, with a population of 665.  She is married, has 2 children, and 3 grandchildren.  One thing she simply can not resist is hugging her grandchildren!  A fun fact is that Geanie met the song writer Tom Kelly, famous for writing “Fire & Ice” in 1981 for Pat Benatar.

Geanie adds creativity to our office and enjoys dressing up for Halloween.