Feeling the Love

Often when a customer calls and gives a compliment to one of our technicians, we write it down on a goldenrod, star shaped paper to show the technician and post to our bulletin board.  We love hearing feedback from our customers and the technicians are really encouraged by the praise!  I’d say we get more compliments by phone than any online review sites.

Our excellent reputation has been built by 81 years of honest, reliable service and also by word-of-mouth.  We consider it the highest compliment when a customer refers us to their friend or colleague.  I know that neighbors tell each other about our Homecare Programs that prevent unwanted pests.  Businesses refer us to new local businesses to keep roaches, mice, and flies out of restaurants, stores, and factories.  Realtors will often tell new homeowners about our safer and effective termite treatment and renewal program.  We can’t thank everyone enough for their support of our family business and on going patronage!

The “gold star” bulletin board was getting crowded. As I removed the older compliments to keep the most recent, I was just so moved by the kindness of our customers to call in and thank us.

Here are some of the  best things they said about our technicians:

  • Tommy was very patient!  He reconnected a dryer vent which could have been a fire hazard!  -Sandy Boron
  • Scott was very thorough and pleasant during an annual termite renewal inspection
  • Aaron Wall, property manager, says, “We’ve used several different exterminators and you all are the most effective!”
  • Tom was excellent and friendly.
  • Very, very polite and professional
  • Scott was pleasant to talk to and work with
  • Javier is a “hell of a guy and did a hell of a job”
  • Jim, thank you very much for moving the water for our cats. How thoughtful!  -Mrs. Akers
  • Javier is trustworthy and very helpful. Taught me to clean my garbage disposal properly! Ms. McFarland
  • Tom represents your company well and was very impressive! – Patricia Hoon
  • Javier was professional and informative. We will be sticking with Reliable! -Joyce of Frankfort
  • Deb Hanstra was so compassionate in helping us through our bed bug situation. Steven left nothing untreated and was highly professional!

We are so grateful for the appreciation of our customers!  Thank you for allowing us to serve you.  We are blessed by your kindness!


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