Employee Spotlight: Jeff, the Bug Man

If you live in any of the northern counties in our service area (Jasper, White, Benton, Newton, and Pulaski), you’ve probably seen Jeff.  He’s been driving a Reliable truck up there for the past 20 years, but most people only know him as “the bug man”. 

The year was 1997 when we set Jeff loose on the northern territory.  He is quite the salesman and has sold so many pest control jobs that we’ve since hired other technicians to help service the northern counties!  He says his favorite thing about his job is the freedom to do what needs done to meet the needs of his customers.  As a company we provide our technicians with the knowledge and materials needed for each job.  The technician gets to decide how he or she will solve each customer’s specific problem.

Jeff has seen it all when it comes to pest control problems.  He, along with all our technicians, attend training sessions to learn the most current pest management techniques and products.

Jeff and his wife Pam at our 2016 Christmas party

Jeff is married and his children are grown.  He puts family first and then work.  The most famous person he’s met is Mel Gibson.  Jeff’s favorite snack is fruit although he’s known to enjoy a few Little Debbie treats for breakfast every now and then!


Jeff, thanks for your 20 years of loyal service!