Employee Spotlight: Javier

Javier is our technician that is known in our office for getting the most gold stars (see this blog post about gold stars.)  It’s not an inner office competition but a majority of our customers that call with a compliment are calling about Javier.  He’s warm, friendly, caring, and still quick and efficient.  Jav says he thinks customers like him because he’s honest and goes the extra mile.  If they have a beetle, he could just identify it as a beetle and perform the corresponding treatment.  But he’ll look up the beetle at home and call the customer to tell them the specific type of beetle they had. “Customers really appreciate it,” he says.

Javier is an “out of town” tech that mainly services Greencastle, Crawfordsville, Frankfort, and Lebanon.  He’s been caring for our customers for 12 years now. In those twelve years, he’s gotten married and is raising two children.  He is a pet adopter. When someone can’t care for a small pet anymore, Javier simply can’t help himself and usually ends up saying, “We have an extra cage so we’ll take it.”  They have cared for several small pets like a lizard, degu, sugar glider (like a chipmunk), several fish and hamsters.

When asked, “What is one thing you can’t resist,” Javier responded “my wife”!  Now that is one dedicated husband! When Javier is at home, he’s mentally at home and focused on his family.  His kids are quite involved in sports so they spend their week nights and weekends at sporting games and camping.  Javier also likes to cook and has built a barrel smoker on a trailer that he can bring to his weekend events!

Javier recalls the most challenging pest control job he’s ever had.  It was an efficiency apartment that had a 12 inch band of bed bug feces covering the wall around the bed and all over the mattress.  Between him and another tech, they treated it three times and by the third visit, all the bed bugs were dead and gone!  Javier even treated the customer’s motorized wheel chair!

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