Fall Invaders!


We’re preparing for the Fall Invader season! Stinkbugs, Asian ladybeetles, and box elder bugs are some of the pests living in corn and bean fields right now. When the fields get harvested, the pests need a new home. They can enter your home and outbuildings through gaps and cracks in the siding, chimney caps, crawlspace vents, dryer vents, around doors and windows. You’ll want to make sure those areas are well sealed, caulked, or screened. You’ll also want to make sure you’re on our Fall Invader customer list!

Emails just went out today to existing customers. Letters are going out in the mail very soon. Keep an eye out for your notice, sign and return it to reserve your treatment today!  We start treatments mid-September and finish by the end of October.

These pest overwinter and emerge in the spring. If this happened to you last year, this fall is the time for treatment. We can prevent most Fall Invaders from overwintering and emerging in the spring! Call to get on the list at 765-423-1225 or Contact Us!

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