It’s Christmastime at Reliable!

To thank and celebrate our employees, Reliable hosts dinner and crazy bingo every year in December.  We had a lot to thank them for including 3 major anniversaries. Geanie (top left in teal shirt) has been advising our customers over the phone for five years!  Jeff (top far right) has treating pests in Rensselaer and Monticello areas for 20 years; and Jim (not pictured) has been serving the Lafayette and Attica areas for a whopping 25 years!  They each were presented with a commemorative plaque.

Our employees are the best! One usually does not seek out the pest control industry when dreaming of careers but in reality it can be quite rewarding.  Our customer service reps are often thanked for helping customers though challenging pest situations like finding bed bugs for the first time or discovering the source of persistent pantry pests.  They often share free advice to customers that call or walk in to the office for simple pest problems.  For more complicated pest problems, our CSRs schedule appointments for our friendly technicians.

Our technicians are the face…and hands and knees of the company. While they do get to meet our customers and be the heroes to catch the mouse or get rid of the ants, they are also the ones on their hands and knees in crawlspaces looking for termites and pests.  Our technicians aren’t afraid of getting dirty or going where no one has gone in 30 years, like a farm house attic!  We are grateful for their pest knowledge and persistence to keeping our communities and restaurants pest free!

Reliable wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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