Communities in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties have trusted Reliable’s personal, professional, and licensed technicians for four generations.

Maybe your office building in Monticello, Logansport, or Delphi needs our expert termite control?   Reliable can tell the difference between a termite swarm and an ant colony and get a treatment program that’s right for you.  We have warranty programs for our termite and ant treatments.

Perhaps you thought you saw a bed bug in your Attica or Greencastle apartment? Reliable’s experienced team will educate you on how similar bed bugs are to certain spiders and carpet beetles to put your mind at ease with the homecare solution that makes the most sense.

Reliable has an excellent bed bug treatment program!  We’ve had lots of success ridding homes and apartments of bed bugs in our 14 county service area.  Instead of heating your house and potentially melting your belongings, baseboards, and wallpaper, we use the industry’s best liquids and dusts to find bed bugs where they are hiding.  We also have monitor traps and mattress encasements available for your peace of mind.

Fleas in Frankfort?

Rodents or roaches in Renesselaer?

Carpenter bees in Crawfordsville?

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