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THANKS for voting Reliable Exterminators BEST OF THE WABASH in the "Best Pest Control" category! Reliable Exterminators is your local, 4th generation, same-family-owned Pest Control company. Our name says it all. We serve Lafayette, IN and the 14 surrounding counties with personal, professional, licensed technicians. We’re not part of a national chain or company, which means better service and lower prices. We are honored to be Best of the Wabash!   The Best of the...
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Celebrating Jim’s Career

Jim 2024 This year we are celebrating the career and retirement of Jim Suiter. For the past 32 years he has defined professionalism in our industry with his attention to detail, punctuality and experience.  His career in pest control started after he enlisted in the Navy and was tasked with keeping roaches, rats and all other types of pests out of the food supplies and off the ships. After his service...
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Termite Facts

Found in nearly every state, subterranean termite colonies can contain up to 2 million members and are by far the most destructive species in the U.S. This species builds distinctive mud tubes to gain access to food sources and to protect themselves from open air. #TermiteAwarenessWeek Termite Infographic NPMA
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Termite Evidence

A key way to protect your home from termites is to learn the tell-tale signs of an infestation like spotting swarmers, frass or mud tubes. Learn more about the signs of termite infestation from the experts at @PestWorld. Termite mud tube
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Termite Awareness Week 2024

March 3 – 9, 2024 is Termite Awareness Week! Did you know that termites cause an average of $6.8 billion in property damage each year? Don't let these silent destroyers catch you off guard. Call Reliable Exterminators to schedule your annual termite inspection to protect your home today! 765-423-1225 #TermiteAwarenessWeek
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Now Hiring for Spring

Reliable is hiring a few Service Technicians! Come work with the best! Apply at our Career Page Hear it from a tech: “This job challenges and exhilarates you daily. It challenges you physically and mentally. It stimulates and refreshed you daily.” Tom, Technician since 2009
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Reliable Exterminators will be closed for Thanksgiving this Thursday and Friday so if you have ants in your house make sure they go home with your uncles.
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Reliable’s Philip Patrie Demonstrates Termite Equipment at the 3rd Annual Termite Academy

Our very own Philip Patrie demonstrates a proper termite rig and set up. He shared how to correctly calibrate the equipment so the correct amount of termiticide is applied. Philip Patrie shows how to use termite equipment Philip Patrie demonstrates Reliable's custom termite tools               Read more about the Termite Academy in this PMP Article: Third annual Termite Academy held at...
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Fall Invaders!

  We're preparing for the Fall Invader season! Stinkbugs, Asian ladybeetles, and box elder bugs are some of the pests living in corn and bean fields right now. When the fields get harvested, the pests need a new home. They can enter your home and outbuildings through gaps and cracks in the siding, chimney caps, crawlspace vents, dryer vents, around doors and windows. You'll want to make sure those areas are well sealed, caulked, or...
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Ant Prevention: How to Avoid an Ant Infestation this Summer

While the summer season often yields vacations, backyard BBQs and family picnics, it also welcomes a houseguest that nobody wants—ants! From food contamination to costly property damage, these pests can pose serious health and property risks.  This summer season, we are sharing tips for an ant-free home. “Ants are social pests that live and work in large complex colonies,” says Andrea Patrie, an owner at Reliable Exterminators. “Spotting even just one ant indoors could indicate...
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